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Audio Language Sessions

Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

listening to learnWe have introduced a new area on our blog that contains audio sessions for English learners.

These sessions consist of a piece of text or short audio on topics that have been asked about in classroom settings. Along with the text is an audio recording of the text so that you can both listen to and read the text to help you to better understand the idea.

You can check this out at

If you have any suggestions for new topics, please use the contact form below to send your suggestions to Michael.

We are always trying to improve our blog and material so that we can complete our primary purpose of helping you to become a better English speaker.


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To discuss how you can improve your English speaking ability or if you have an idea for an additional audio session, use the contact form below to get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together on a one-to-one basis to help you improve your English ability.

Or you can click here Michael Wilkovesky Helpout for a Business English session.

You can also download a free report “Tips on becoming a better English user” by filling in the form to the right.