Learning A Language Using Software

Language is the source of misunderstandings.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There are many ways to learn a new language. The article below talks about some of them but concentrates on using language software

Are Language Learning Software Programs the Best Way to Learn a New Language? – By Ryan Thomas P

today's lessonWhen you decide to learn a new language, it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to need the best resources available to help you achieve that goal. There are many different avenues that you can take to learn a language and some of these are as follows: personal tutor, college classes, textbooks, and language learning software programs. In this article, I will inform you of the positives and negatives of each language learning software and why learning a language with a language learning software will provide with the best likely hood to successfully learn a new language.


One of the oldest methods of learning a language is with the help of a personal instructor or tutor. You learned your native language by listening to your parents or guardian. So in an essence, they were actually a tutor to you. Having a tutor to teach you a new language is a great way to learn a language! Your tutor can plan out a study schedule for you and keep you on track. One of the biggest challenges that students face when learning a new language is pronunciation. With a tutor, you will not have to worry about this aspect as much because your tutor should have a solid understanding of how the words are spoken and be able to teach you that same solid understanding. The unfortunate part of using a tutor to learn a language is that tutors are expensive. The average price of having a personal tutor is in the range of twenty-five dollars an hour. This is just an average figure and I have personally seen this price much higher! Overall, having a tutor teach you a language is a great option to have at your disposal if you can afford to pay the necessary dues.

College Classes

College classes are another great way to learn a language. By taking advantage of college classes, at either your local college or a local university, you will be providing yourself with a teacher who can teach you how to communicate in another language. Your teacher will define a study schedule for you and help you over come any obstacles that you may encounter. Some of these obstacles may be pronunciation, verb usage, and listening comprehension. In addition, you will have the added benefit of having classmate to learn with. This is a great tool to have because it allows you to ask your classmates questions and help answer any questions that your classmates may have. The major fall backs to learning a language by using a college course are time and progress. Unless you are taking an online class, your college class is usually on a set schedule. This means that you show up at a specific time no matter what you may have going on in your personal life. Progress is the other problem and becomes evident very quickly when taking a college course! A professor will do his or her best to ensure that each student is learning the material and this usually decreases the amount of material you will learn. A semester in college usually last around five months and at the decreased learning rate you will probably be able to only learn the basics of the language. If you have all the time in the world and you don’t mind waiting on your classmates then this may be the perfect option for you.


The best thing about using a textbook to help you learn a language is that you can learn at your own pace. You can take your time or you can kick everything into high gear and drive right through the material. Either way, you can learn a lot about any language you choose to learn. The major down side to using textbooks to learn a language is that you are severely limited in what you can learn. For instance, if you’re studying Spanish and your textbook only list 20 verbs for you to learn. Obviously, there are way more than 20 verbs in the Spanish language! You may also face problems in learning how to correctly pronounce words or letters. Altogether, textbooks are a great supplement to another learning method but on their own they can do very little to help you become fluent in another language.

Language Learning Software

One of the most effective ways to learn a language is through a language learning software program. These programs provide you with an array of learning tools and in most cases they cover all of the basic language fundamentals such as reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension. Having a strong grasp of these six areas is essential if you want to be able to communicate effectively with a person in another language. In recent years, most language learning programs have really advanced in their ability to successfully teach a student a new language. Some programs offer you guided learning tools, progress tracking tools, and speech pronunciation tools. Having these tools in addition to the lessons that cover all the basic fundamentals are very important to helping you learn that language. If you choose to learn a language with a language learning software then you should really take advantage of their customer support. These individuals can really help you out with any questions that you may have with the software. The disadvantages that are associated with language learning software programs are based on the individuality of each software program. One program may focus on immersion methods where as others may use a combination of methods. So take your time and figure out exactly how you learn best and look for a software program that teaches in that format.

For me, personally, a language learning software program would provide me with the best opportunity to learn a language. The reason for that is because a language learning software provides me with all the learning features that I can get from a personal tutor, a college course, and a language textbook. In addition, I will have access to customer service, FAQ boards, learning tools, detailed lessons, and a money back guarantee if it’s needed.

If you would like to find out additional information in regards to language learning software [http://toponlinereviews4u.com/learn-a-language/learn-spanish-latin-american/tell-me-more-spanish-review/] programs written by Ryan Thomas P then visit the previous link. You can also find reviews on several of the top Spanish software programs by visiting TopOnlineReviews4u.com [http://toponlinereviews4u.com].

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Learning a Second Language – Two Methods

The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Two Ways to Learn A Language

Author: Nina King

group of peopleThere are many different ways that are available to you if you are interested in learning a new language. These ways range from college tutors to language learning software programs. The first thing that you need to do if you are interested in learning a language is identify how you learn so that you can find a language learning software that is best suited to your learning strengths. Ask yourself question like, ‘do you want to have a personal tutor that will make out your lesson plans and guide you through each lesson step-by-step or do you want to take control of your study schedule and learn at your own pace?’ There are benefits and downfalls at using both of these techniques to learn a language. In this article, I am going to explain to you the benefits and the downfalls of using a personal tutor and a language learning software program to learn a language with.

Best Languages Websites

When it comes to learning a new language, having a personal tutor right by your side to guide you step-by-step sounds like an ideal option. You can have your tutor design your study plan for you and keep you on task to ensure that you reach your final goal of becoming fluent in a new language. A major benefit to having a tutor to help you learn a language is that you will be able to talk to that tutor in the language you are learning. The most important step to becoming fluent in a language is actually going out and talking with other individuals who speak that language fluently. Your tutor is your fluent speaker and will provide you with vital practice that will prepare you to go out and chat with other people. There are several really strong benefits to learning a language with a tutor but there are also several downfalls that are also associated to learning a language with a tutor.

The main downfall that comes with learning a language with a tutor is the one associated with the price of your tutor lessons. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from twenty-dollars an hour to fifty-dollars an hour. This is way to expensive for a lot of people. But if you can afford a tutor then I highly recommend that you use that luxury to your advantage. Other problems that come with tutors are availability, location, and quality. Each tutor is different and some are way better than others. So, you need to do your research on tutors before you decide which tutor is right for you. In addition to tutors, there is another great way to learn a language and that way is with a language learning software program.

A language learning software program is really like having a tutor on your computer. In some cases that\’s exactly what you will get. One software program called Tell Me More Languages has a whole department of tutors that you can schedule tutoring lessons with. Unfortunately, these lessons cost more money besides what you used to purchase the software program. Regardless, these tutors are some of the best in the world and worth the extra money if you want to make sure that you are progressing in the right direction. With language learning software programs, you will get an array of learning tools and lessons to study with. These vary from speech pronunciation tools to language learning games. The most beneficial tool that comes along with most language learning software programs is the customer support. This means that anytime you have a question about the software program or in regards to something you do not understand in the course, you can contact the customer support and get that question answered in a timely manner so that you can continue on with learning a language.

Both of these methods are great ways to learn a language. Which way you choose is completely up to you and how you want to learn. Personally, I really like all of the options that are available to students who want to learn a language with a language learning software. You have lots of learning tools, excellent learning lessons, and wonderful customer support options to get you out of sticky situations.

If you are serious about learning a new language with a language learning software program then check out this review site that has written reviews for several language software programs. For additional information on software programs to learn a language with then visit TopOnlineReviews4u.com.

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Online Language Training – Learning a Foreign Language

“The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.” ~Derek Walcott

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Learn A Foreign Language Online

indexKnowing more than one language in today’s world is not so unusual. With cultural barriers coming down, and many people living in and visiting non-native countries, it makes sense to have at least a basic knowledge of one or more languages other than your native tongue. It has never been easier than it is today to learn a foreign language. Taking a foreign language course online is a convenient and even speedy way to learn another tongue for work, for travel, or for your own personal enrichment.

When you decide that you want to learn a foreign language online, you have several options available to you. You can enroll in an online college or University language program, and earn your degree in the foreign language of your choosing. If time is a factor, you can choose from many accelerated language programs offered online. If you choose to receive a degree in a foreign language, you will come away not only with a college education, but you will more than likely come away being fluent in the language you studied, both written and conversationally. This has many advantages for you career-wise. An accelerated course will probably give you a good basic foundation of a foreign language, which will be helpful in business-related travels.

The advantages of learning a foreign language for your career are numerous. Being fluent in a language like French, Spanish, or German will allow you to communicate with your peers and associates abroad, eliminating the need for a translator. Also, if your job demands that you be relocated abroad, learning the native tongue of the country to which you are transferring will ease your transition there. You will find the cultural differences far less stressful if you are able to understand what people around you are saying! In addition, learning a foreign language opens up whole new career paths for you. If you become fluent in one or more languages, you have the opportunity to be certified as a foreign language translator. This challenging career opportunity requires you to be fluent in one or more language, and to be knowledgeable in another industry, such as law, healthcare professions, or business. Working as a translator, you would be bridging the gap between English and non-English speaking associates by converting documents of all types so that each party is able to understand them. In this position, you can work full-time for a larger firm, or you can strike out on your own as a freelance translator, and make your own work schedule and workload.

If you have plans to travel extensively to one or more countries, consider taking accelerated foreign language courses online. By learning the basics of a foreign language, you show cultural sensitivity by learning to communicate with locals in their native tongue. You won’t look like a typical tourist by carrying around a book, and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting. Your travels will be more enjoyable and enriching. Leaving your comfort zone and learning another language is an ideal way to educate and improve yourself.

There are many advantages to learning a foreign language online. Whether you decide to enroll in a degree program or simply take a few accelerated courses, you will find that doing so online is very convenient. Often, courses are completed at your own pace, with no set class times. All work is submitted online, and you will find many opportunities to interact with instructors and peers. Additionally, if you are learning a foreign language for your job, many employers are willing to pay the tuition and fees for courses taken in relation to work.

So, whether you are being transferred to a new job abroad and you need to learn the native tongue or you are making plans to travel to another country in the future and want to be able to ask where the bathroom is in their language, learning a foreign language online is convenient and easy. Taking the time to learn a foreign language can ease the transition for you in a new position abroad, help you immerse yourself into an interesting new culture, and even provide you with new and interesting career opportunities.


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Learn To Speak English To Keep Ahead

No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.” ~Henry Brooks Adams, The Education of Henry Adams, 1907

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Reasons Why You Should Learn to Speak English – Author: ExecutiveEnglish

images7One of the best decisions you can make to improve your communication skills is to learn English online. Statistics show that there are about 300 million people who use English as a second language. Not only that, there are 100 million people worldwide who prefer to use English as a form of communication. Today, the English language is the preferred official language of most countries for business communications. Here are some other reasons why you should learn English online and consider enhancing your communication skills.

1. You will always be ahead of the game. Learning English will help you gain access to worldwide information that non-English speaking personnel cannot. Worldwide news, updates and events are mostly communicated using the English language. And if you are an employer, learning English online will also help eliminate costly mistakes by your staff because of the language barrier.

2. You will have the confidence of talking and writing in English. If you learn English online it will enhance your communication and writing skills as well. More importantly, it will also improve your services to your customers. By knowing what they really need, you can surely provide them with the service they deserve.

3. You will be able to impress your clients. Most businesses today transact using the English language. You can be really successful in your business or career if you can communicate well with other people—most especially with your employer, customers, and business partners.

In this age of technology, accessing the internet is fast becoming a “must have” rather than just a privilege. Online services are now readily available to cater clients all over the world. As a matter of fact, more and more businesses today choose to learn English online to save time and money. If you are having a hard time trying to find ways to improve your communication skills, you can take advantage of internet technology to fully develop your proficiency in English.

They help you improve your English communication skills starting from the intermediate level to native English speaking capability. Offers you online learning that will not only save you time and money, but also let you work from the comfort of your home or office. Aside from that, you can attend classes that suit your schedule. You can also choose to pay as you go—a hassle-free option for your company! If you are an employer, allowing your staff to learn English online will definitely be an advantage to your business.

Globalization has made a significant impact in businesses and society. It has changed the way we communicate with other people in different countries. To help you properly prepare for this challenge, you need reliable programs in order to enhance your skills in English.


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learn english online
learn english online


Master English Using Online Training

Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us.” ~Julia Penelope

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Learn English Online To Master The English Language Easily And Affordably – Author: Steve Ford Albert

As we all know, English is without doubt the international language. It is estimated the number of people speak English in the world is in the region of 600 million! Some even say one out of every five people on earth can speak English to some level of competence. It is therefore very important to learn English. It can be really rewarding and broaden your options in job and career advancement. There are many ways one could learn English but the most effective one is through the internet. Learn English online is effective and affordable as there are many good English courses and programs available online. The advantage of learning English online is that you can learn at your own time and can learn from any part of the world! You can use msn and skype to contact your online teachers and study English from the comfort of your home or office.

To improve your English, you have to learn the meaning of many English words and need to understand the usage of English grammar in great detail. Reading English books, newspapers and magazine is the best way to increase ones vocabularies. If we read regularly, we will pick up many new words we come across. You can use online dictionaries to search for meaning of a word that you are not sure or find out the correct pronunciation. Most online dictionary not only can instantly look up the meaning and definitions of the word, it also has the audio pronunciations of the word selected. Using online dictionary is just like having a teacher beside you. It makes reading a very enjoyable pastime as we could understand the whole story in detail. You could also test your knowledge of English language with the many free interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises platform available online as well.

Besides learning English by reading, we must also learn to speak in English. Practice speaking in English with your family members and friends is one of the best ways to learn spoken English. Try listen to radio stations or online stations if you are away from home. You might not understand at first, but keep listening and maintain a regular habit of listening to the stations will eventually pick up the spoken English. You can also learn spoken English by reading newspapers, either hard copy or online soft copy aloud. Watching television newscasts and learn the way the words are pronounced is also one of the way to master the English language as the newscaster always has the right pronunciation. Online learning usually is interactive and you should be able to hear the word being said to you. It is a well known fact that people learn faster when they see and hear things together.

We should also try to talk to native English-speaking people as much as we could because it gives you a real native conversation practice. You should not be afraid to speak in English. If we do not open our mouths to speak, it will be impossible to improve speaking skills. We should not be ashamed of speaking poor English. The most important thing is to learn from ones mistakes. As the saying go, failure is part and parcel of success.

In conclusion, there is no short cut to master the English language. Determination and consistency is the keys to success. If you want to write and speak perfect English, don’t ever give up trying to achieve your goal. If we are prepared to work hard at it, we will be successful in the end. Learn English online is just like having an online teacher available around the clock. There are many inexpensive English study courses and interactive learning tools available online. So take advantage of the internet and learn English online to master the English language easily and affordably.


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Want To Earn More? Learn A Second Language

I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain.” ~Jane Wagner

Learning a second language can greatly increase your value in the job market. There are many methods now available to help you learn your second language. The article below gives some tips on learning the language as well as why it is important in today’s world.

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Your Value In The Job Market Soars By Learning A Second Language – Jon Einshemerin

If you do not know more than one language, you will be a silent spectator when others are fast moving up the ladder of their career. But if you learn a second language, your value in the job market definitely soars. Hence it is a wise decision. But nowadays, learning a second language has become much easier because you have several tools to help you in that and above all, you have the computer and the Internet.

Apart from them, you have several books to teach you the language you opt for. But books may not help you much in pronunciation but they may be helpful to you in improving your reading and writing and also in expanding your vocabulary. But software programs that teach you the language help you in pronunciation also. Whether you purchase books or the software, you should ensure that they are appropriate to the level of learning you wish to have. If you are in the basic level of learning, you should not purchase books or software pertaining to the levels that are higher than that.

You should also purchase the items that are best suited to your style of learning. Some people learn fast if they view visuals and yet others wish to learn through the audio mode. Hence accordingly you should choose the tools. Books are opted by quite a bunch of people for learning a language but as said earlier, these come at a later stage when you have learned to pronounce the words rightly.

The most important thing in learning a second language is the exposure you get in the language. If you want to perfect your prowess in a language, you must constantly and consistently use the words you have learned till their meanings and usage get imprinted in your mind.

You may have observed that learning a second language is very easy for children. Instances of children speaking in their mother tongue at home and speaking in a different language at schools are there. Perhaps, adults are conscious about grammar and construction of sentences while speaking and hence they lose out in picking up languages fast.

Moving with other people who also learn the same language is a great option to increase your exposure in the language. Another option is to converse with those who already know the language. Though both are helpful, if you speak with those who learn the language along with you, you can have a healthy competition with them. But if you move with those who already know the language, you immensely benefit because you can learn pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure and even new words from them.

The software you choose should have the facility of your speaking the words on the microphone provided for it so that you will be corrected if you commit any mistake in pronunciation, grammar and sentence formation. You can repeat this process till you are satisfied that you have learned the words and their usage perfectly.

You can also view television programs and listen to radio programs in the chosen language. In a nutshell, the main aim is have more exposure so that success in your efforts in learning a second language comes to you sooner than you planned.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/languages-articles/your-value-in-the-job-market-soars-by-learning-a-second-language-3643711.html

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Learning English Online

Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process” – Euripides Quotes

Many people do not have the time to go to a formal language school to learn English. That is why an online system can be very useful.

The article below outlines some of the reasons to go online when learning English.

Contact us to learn more about our on-line language tutoring. You can use the contact form below or if in China, call Ms Liu at 13072461566

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Online English Tutorial: The Best Way to Learn English Language – by John Ellis

There are several means to learn English language. One can join English language schools, buy English language books, English language learning CDs, or install English language software in their personal computer to learn written and speaking English. Amongst all, one of the best ways to learn English is through Online English tutorials.

Online English tutorials help English learning enthusiasts learn English conveniently. As one is not required to follow rigid English language school timings and schedules, one can learn English language from the comfort of one’s own home or office.

Online English tutorials are of immense use to those who are working or pursuing other professional courses. Such people can learn English language skills as and when they get time to do so.

The best thing about online English tutorial is that they help English learners acquire English language skills easily and efficiently. Online English language tutorials have professional English language tutors who offer online English worksheets.

The English worksheets provided by online English tutorials help English learners practice English online. One can submit English worksheets and the online English teachers would correct them and provide you with their feedback.

As well as providing English worksheets, online English tutorials provide speaking English skills/English phonics too. They have language exchange software that allows you to practice what you have learnt. Some online English tutorials even have expert English language speakers with whom you can speak English to overcome your inhibitions. This method is very helpful in making English language learners speak English language confidently and fluently.

You might say that learning English through CDs is also a quick and simple way of learning English. But, one can only learn English language words and their meanings without practising what they have learnt.

Yet another great advantage of online English tutorials is that they are an economical means of learning English. Those who can’t afford to pay exorbitant fee charged by English language schools can realize their dreams without worrying about money.

So, all you people who wish to learn English Grammar online, log onto icfclubs.com The website offers the best English language tutorials. Here you would get English practice papers, English worksheets, and English phonics to learn English language efficiently and quickly.

To know in detail about this online English language school, you can visit the website.


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How Learning English Online Can Help To Advance Your Career

You Will Become a Valuable Commodity at Work

You may have asked how learning English online can help to your career. Nearly one-sixth of the world speaks English as their first language. This offers many people within business and industry to whom you can sell your products or services, if only you were able to communicate with them. Learning English will open doors within your workplace and put you in a more powerful you into a position. You will bring in new business if you learn English online. This will make you of great value to your workplace or, if you own your own business, you will win the trust of your English-speaking clients.

Other Things Learning English Online Will Offer You and Your Career

Here are some other benefits you will experience from learning English online for career advancement:

– Learning the English language online allows you the freedom to live your life on your time schedule. You don’t have to attend a school or university on campus. Online education is an excellent choice for adult learners.

– Learning English online will give you a competitive edge when you look for a new job. Many businesses only hire people who speak multiple languages for certain positions. Sometimes employers will pay a higher salary to someone who can speak a second language, especially English.

– Knowing English gives you the opportunity to meet and work with people from English-speaking cultures. English speakers will trust you, and your company, more because you have taken the time to learn their native language. The economy is becoming a global one. Learning English online will help you stay ahead of the global game.

– You will be able to travel to English speaking countries and not feel completely alone. You will have the ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone if you learn English online, by being motivated, practicing, and having patience with yourself.

– Your children will benefit from your learning. As a parent, you will be able to give your child the priceless gift of knowing a second language. Educational experts tell us that children who know more than one language adapt better in learning environments. They have the ability to pick up other languages easily.

– You may get your friends and family interested in learning English when they hear you are learning it. They may decide learning English online can help them advance in their career too.

– Self-esteem and pride come with confidence and self-assurance…traits needed to learn a new language. You will feel good about yourself because you know that you have what it takes to learn a new language.

You Can Make it Happen

So now you know the benefits! Starting to learn English online is as simple as tapping a key on a keyboard. Online schools are the way of the future. They are convenient and work with your schedule as an adult. There is not need to rush across the city to classes. Nor do you have to leave your country to learn the English language well. A whole new world will open up for you online at the office or at home!


Learn English in the Comfort of your own home! Learning English online has never been so comfortable and easy. Receive language training in line with the most respected English language schools in the world, study at home or in the office. We work hard to develop your English language ability, and we focus on quality, passion, community and results.