How To Improve Your Second Language Ability

How To Improve Your Second Language Ability

A different language is a different vision of life.” ~Federico Fellini



helpful tips sticky noteAny language learner is constantly looking for ways to improve their ability in the second language. You need to build a language environment around you to help you to understand and speak your second language better.

This audio season will talk about methods that you can use to improve your ability to understand your second language better.

The best way to improve your ability in any language is to surround yourself with that language. This includes video, music, literature and the spoken word. The more methods or examples of the language you are trying to learn that you have access to the easier it is for your mind to recognize that this is important and that it better pay attention.

Even if you don’t fully understand the language, your mind picks up the tones and cadence and you become aware of the sounds and rhythm of the language. This conditions your mind and enables you to understand the language when you start to add vocabulary and sentences.

Reading well written books, and these can be on any subject, even trashy novels as long as the author writes using proper grammar and sentence structure, will actually help you to improve not only your reading ability but also your writing skills and vocabulary. You will see how the writer expresses himself and puts his ideas onto paper using descriptive vocabulary. When you need to write something, you can recall how the writer used the proper grammar to express his ideas.

You can learn vocabulary through reading as long as you keep a notebook to record the definitions of the words you don’t know. You will need a dictionary and a good thesaurus to do this. By using these two books, you actually learn three words, two words with the same meaning and one word that has the opposite meaning.

These methods will help you to improve your understanding of the target language. Later, in another session we will discuss methods to improve your speaking ability.


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