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If English is Not Your Primary Language

“Learn your language well and command it well, and you will have the first component to life.” – Edward Roscoe Murrow (1908-1965

In today’s world learning a second language is important. English is a world language and should be considered as your second language.

The article below gives some reasons why it is advantageous to learn English.

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Michael Wilkovesky

The advantages of learning English if it isn’t your primary language. by Michael Bayman

English is perhaps the only language that’s widespread to people of various cultures, countries and ethnicity. The fact is, it has become the language of the world. You’ll find some 1 billion people who are able to speak the language. While you’re reading this article, you can find another 1 billion, who are studying this international language to be on par with the world. English is truly the language of the global organization. It is the standard language of the international business community and is the principal mode of communication for people who don’t speak the same language. Studying English can really help you to a great extent in obtaining new job opportunities, communicating with men and women of other countries as well as move with the fast paced world.

English as a second language is offered as a course in several universities, community learning centers and schools. Some basic English courses are provided totally free. Depending on what you need to learn and which part of the world you live, you’ll be able to either go for British English or American English. American English is spoken in the United States, whereas, in the United Kingdom, British English is the language spoken. These two types of English are quite similar except for few varying accents, words and dialects.

The following are a number of the rewards that you’ll be able to experience in your every day life should you learn the English language:

Information over the net may be accessed if you know English as most of the web pages are offered in the English language. Moreover, in the event you know English, you are able to easily chat with men and women from all over the world in a chat room or through emails. Besides, most of the international news channels broadcast news in English only. So, should you wish to follow news from all over the world, you must know English. The same applies with science journals because 90% of the journals are written in English.

If you’re planning a good international career, then understanding English is mandatory. Furthermore, understanding English can help you grab new job opportunities in countries around the world. Should you be bilingual and know English, you have greater chances of getting a great job.

In the world of entertainment too, you will miss out on great books written by British, American and other English speaking authors. Even a number of the most famous magazines all over the world are in English. A huge variety of films are also in English. The satisfaction of understanding a language is a reward in itself. Understanding a movie in English language or reading a book or talking to an English speaking tourist can be genuinely worthwhile.

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