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Learning A Foreign Language – 5 Mistakes Commonly Made

 “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Top 5 Mistakes You Can Make When Learning a Foreign Language by Topp Alice

learning a languageThe Internet has made it easier for us to explore what we want. With a few clicks, you can see different places, talk to people from different countries, watch movies, or even learn new languages. If you are particularly inclined to know what phrases like Intercambios De Idiomas, encuentra penpals, or cursos de Ingles con videos mean, you need a good dose of effort and patience. There are also certain mistakes you must avoid if you want to master a new foreign language:

Not listening well

Language experts suggest that you need to be a very good listener when learning a new language. You might notice how babies stare at you when you are talking and mimic the sounds you produce. You need that kind of focus and willingness to learn. Intercambio de Lenguas or language exchange can only happen if one is ready to listen. This will help you develop a new vocabulary and learn the structure of the new language.


We listen everyday to people we communicate with on a daily basis but it can be difficult to practice when you are faced with a difficult foreign language. What you can do is to find TV shows, movies, and music using the new language. You can also join social networks that help people learn new languages.

Not being culturally curious

Your natural curiosity and attitude are among the biggest factors in how you will progress when learning a new language. If you are interested in learning Spanish but not keen on learning different aspects of the Spanish culture, you might face more challenges in learning the new language.

Studies have shown that language learners who are culturally curious tend to be more receptive to the foreign language. Experts also encourage having amigos por correspondencia or friend pen pals that use the target language.

Using a single method

Relying on just one method to learn a new language is not enough. You might be learning from language books but the process can be faster if you will watch videos, talk with native speakers, and watch different media using the new language.

Using different methods can help you acquire more skills that you need to master a new language. If you are looking for a language course or an online language community, make sure that you will be able to practice listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

You are Easily Frustrated

Right from the start, you need to set your mind that you cannot learn the new language in a snap. You will be learning new words everyday, learn rules for the new language, and encountering people who know the language you are trying to learn by heart. Try to conquer the challenges you face by utilizing the resources you have like the friends who speak the language, videos, books, online courses, and social networks.

Being too Afraid

Any negativity towards learning a foreign language can slow you down. It can be quite overwhelming but knowing what resources to tap can make life easier for you. Remember to use the new language so you can improve it as you go along.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, be it spoken or written, since they give you the opportunity to correct the errors before they become part of your system. is a social network for languages that encourages Intercambios De Idiomas [] or exchanges of languages. If you are curious to learn a foreign language, please visit [].

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