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Some Methods For Learning English

“Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery.” ~Mark Amidon

There are many methods for a person to learn English. Some require that you take formal courses, some can be very informal using the Internet. Depending on your need, some will work better than others.

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Learning English easily with a candid approach

Learning language is always very rewarding. At least it adds to your qualifications in your curriculum vitae. More importantly, learning a language makes you more knowledgeable by widening your horizon about different arts, culture and literature of people from different race, ethnicity or nation. But most important advantage of learning a foreign language is that, it helps you in communicating with people. Communication is the prime mover of our all affairs today. We live in a world where our daily activities are spread all over the globe beyond state boundaries.

How to go about the process of learning English? by A.J. Hoge

Learning English – resources and opportunities are plenty

We live in a world with intense bilateral and multilateral activities amongst the nations. Technological advancements in this era of globalization have brought the people from different race, culture, ethnicity or nationality much closer than before into a common international platform. Today we can enter into a relationship, whether it is business or personal, through much easier means. For any relationship to sustain the prime factor that plays the role is effective communication. We communicate our ideas, opinions, feelings and thoughts through verbal and non-verbal communications. For the communication to be truly effective we need a common language. English has been established as the most common international language for this purpose. English is no more the domain of the Englishmen only. Billions of people use English worldwide for communicating either orally or in written communication. Learning English is therefore important regardless of your own native language, location or society.

Learning a language is never an easy task to undertake, especially when it comes to a language that has no similarity with that of your own. But learning English is relatively simpler since there are lots of resources around you. They are available both at a cost and free of cost! If you really want to learn English, you can find English online! Resources for English speaking and English listening are widely available in the enormous space of the internet. You don’t have to take an English class within tight classroom timings far away from your home. You don’t need to buy tons of books or work long hours these days to learn English. Although grammar makes the base of a language, for English, you don’t need to learn much grammar to master English speaking. You don’t really need to be afraid at all when you wish to learn English.

It remains a fact that taking an English class would be beneficial to learn English perfectly. But if you are planning to learn English to converse with people or write a line or two, you don’t even need a formal English class. There are plenty of resources available around you with which you can learn English speaking and writing skills. There are easy printed books, dictionaries and supplements to enable you to learn English from the scratch. There are CD/DVDs that aid you in English listening with English mp3 or audio files and software. They all come with a price tag that range from very expensive packages to very cheap materials.

To learn English, the best source is undoubtedly the internet. Hundreds of websites with very attractive, interactive, informative and user friendly web pages make learning English online extremely easy. Some sites need you to register as a paid member while there are many free websites that allow you learn English without spending anything but your time in the internet. Quality websites offer step by step formal English classes that you need to attend at your convenience. Lessons are planned meticulously depending on your existing English listening, writing or speaking skills, your age, nationality etc. The most interesting feature in learning English online is the interactivity. Like the English learning CD/DVDs available in the market, English online lessons allow the learner to interact with the many interfaces (pictures, pronunciations, exercises, mp3/audio files etc).

If you are thinking seriously (and you should) to learn English, leave your worries aside for a while. Just get going! With plenty of English online and offline resources, learning English would never be a problem anymore.


A.J. Hoge is author of this article on speak english.

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