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If you want to improve your English speaking then you must start off by speaking. Only through speaking to other people can you get the proper feedback that will help you to mend your flaws and start afresh. An important tip that you must remember while you speak is that, in order to keep a conversation alive, you should use short and simple and sweet sentences otherwise the other party(s) may get the wrong impression and also lose interest in what you are saying. Keep in mind the word KISS: i.e. keep it short and simple. Try to avoid slangs and NEVER use abuses when you are in a formal discussion. A sentence you say must be like a few words that explain a paragraph. Improving your English speaking skills depends on what you say and how you say not on the way how you look or how clever you may sound at the time you say it.

If you are scared that you will make mistakes then let go of the fear. You will make mistakes but that’s the way you will learn what should be the right thing from what is the wrong. The first time will be hard but things will soon fall into place. You have to be consistent and patient. You can get frustrated with learning but if you hold on, you’ll make it through.

In order to speak confidently, you should grasp every single opportunity you get to talk to anyone. Speak to anyone who will listen to you. You can even practice speaking yourself in front of the mirror. In fact this technique is used by elocutionists. If you have other friends who are also learning English, you can help each other improve their English speaking by talking to them in English. Talk to them in English even when you go out for a simple coffee. It is just like learning a new instrument, practice makes you perfect.

Reading out load is a good practice. You can read out short stories aloud and train yourself to improve your English speaking abilities. You should try and record yourself and play it back and see how you sound. Watch English movies. When you see people conversing in English for 2 to 3 hours you tend to pick up a few things. TV is a portal for knowledge if you let it be so. Watch English programs. They will surely go a long way in helping you improve your English speaking.

If you go through the dictionary, sometimes the pronunciation of the word is spelt out beside the word itself. In today’s era of the web and technologies, there are various sites and programs that simply things to an even greater extent. Many online dictionaries and offline software based dictionaries now contain audio samples that help you to hear how a particular word is pronounced. But as we all know improving your English speaking is just so much more than proper pronunciation, but it is one of the steps to me followed.

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Why Is Illiteracy Common In The Modern World?

“One cannot guess how a word functions. One has to look at its use and learn from that. But the difficulty is to remove the prejudice which stands in the way of doing this. It is not a stupid prejudice.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Austrian engineer & philosopher

In this modern world, we seldom believe that illiteracy exists outside of poor, third world countries. However, this is not the case.

The author gives her thoughts on why illiteracy is more of a problem than we think.

Illiteracy – A Modern World Problem – Elmarie Porthouse

illiteracyWhen thinking about teaching someone to read, we invariably think about a child of about 6. When we hear about illiteracy, our minds immediately goes to a middle-aged person in some third-world country who did not have the time or resources to learn to read because they had to take up guns and fight a civil war. But this is not the biggest problem in literacy anymore. Illiteracy has become a problem in many first-world and developing countries. According to reports the number of teenagers unable to read at a functional level, are staggering.

What are the reasons for this? Why, in a modern, developed world where reading is a skill we readily accept everyone has, are there so many who cannot read?

It is a vicious cycle. Poverty is one of the reasons people never learn to read properly. Without that proper education, one cannot find a good job, leading to having to accept a menial salary or even long periods of unemployment. Children born in such circumstances have an even more difficult time to learn how to read than others.

One of the things you always hear when you are a teacher, is that you cannot teach a hungry child. When a child is not properly fed, his brain chemicals start changing. This causes the brain to focus only on survival and all energy go to the vital organs to sustain life. It leaves the reasoning and learning part of the brain depleted so even though the child is trying his best, he is just not able to concentrate on what the teacher is trying to teach him.

Another reason is the over-population of classrooms and teachers being pressured by authorities to stick to a certain program. Children are supposed to be sufficiently literate by the time they reach the end of grade 3. Teachers have big classes and a program to follow. In some places it is now popular practice to have a teacher’s salary determined by his/her performance in class. So if there are a few children in class who, for whatever reason, cannot keep up with the prescribed program, they easily fall by the wayside.

After grade 3 it is not part of any syllabus to teach basic literacy. Laws on promoting students to the next level differ between different countries, states and schools. But at some stage the child will get stuck in a grade. When this happens it is easy for the child to become despondent. A child like this will easily leave school without any further education. He has now fallen through the cracks in the system and there is no more help for him in the mainstream schooling system.

There are many reasons why children beyond grade 3 cannot read. And probably it is not my fault or yours. But if we leave this to world leaders and government to solve, no help will be coming for this generation. It is up to each and every one of us to teach someone to read.

By teaching a child to read, you empower her to make a better life for herself and those she will need to take responsibility for one day. One better life will make one better country, which will hopefully make one better world.

Each one of us can do something about the illiteracy levels in our own towns and cities. It cannot be left to governments any longer. To find out how you can do your bit in teaching someone to read and write, visit []ETP Enterprises.

Article Source: [—A-Modern-World-Problem&id=7248303] Illiteracy – A Modern World Problem


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