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Do you want to improve your English speaking ability? Do you just want to practice your English with a Native English speaker? Are you going abroad to study or work and you think that your English level needs to be raised?

1. Some of the benefits of using the Internet to learn and practice your English are:

2. Practicing online with a native English speaker is effective and costs less than a traditional classroom setting. The savings can be from 1/3 or more of the traditional foreign language school fee.

3. Using the Internet to talk with the instructor saves you time that you may have to spend travelling to and from the school.

4. You can usually arrange the session to fit your schedule. Weekends, mornings or evenings or holidays. This depends on the instructor’s availability.

5. You talk to your own instructor. The instructor will not be switched after you sign up.

6. Our Canadian instructor has over 15 years in the teaching and business areas and can help with academic English, business English or just have conversations on many different topics to help you in the areas that you are having difficulty with.

Do you want to join us? If you are in China, for a detailed consultation call Ms. Liu at 132 0403 4995.


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